Dundee Day Cleanup 2017

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Check back in the Spring for a full listing of upcoming Events, concerts commence in June 2018 immediately after Memorial Day

Event List 2018

Botany Village is home to some of the best events in the Clifton, New Jersey area.  The Summer Concerts, held outdoors in Sullivan Square, are widely known throughout the area and draw a variety of top bands.  This past year’s  Concert Series included, The Basement Brothers, The Victoria Warne Band, and Sweeter Than Honey, just to name a few.  We were very fortunate to have the best weather in memory and we thank you for the support you showed all of the bands.  We are currently looking to improve on this past year’s performances and welcome all comments and suggestions.

Summer 2016 Highlights

December 2017 Tree Lighting

Clifton Botany Events

Summer Concerts 2017